Awesome Games


Awesome Sports and Games has built a variety of unique, exciting games to meet the fun needs of its clients.  More challenging games can be designed as needed where tournament play is envisioned.

    • Parachute Ball Toss
    • Basketball: 3-Point Contest, Shake & Bake Moves
    • Bowling
    • Golf-Putting
    • Hula Hoop Contest
    • Velcro Bulls Eye Toss
    • “Getting to Know You” Race
    • Sensational Soccer Kick
    • DSCN0215Races: Vortex, Over & Under, Table Tennis Relay, Egg Balloon, etc.
    • Trivia Quiz Showtime, TV Theme Song Challenge
    • Belt Basketball
    • Limbo Contest
    • Home Run Derby
    • Bocci Ball
    • Count the Change Challenge

 Games for 4 to 6-year olds:

  • Beanbag Toss
  • Basketball Toss
  • Mini-Bowling
  • 16-inch Ball Circle Game
  • Bubbles Time2
  • Crazy Feet
  • Coin Toss Scramble
  • Awesome Sports and Games famous Water Balloon Toss Challenge (outdoors)